Why Protection Insurance?

Hope for the best, plan for the worst...

The State can provide unemployment, disability and death benefits, but is there a gap between the benefits available and what you'd need to maintain your current standard of living? How much are you entitled to and how long until you receive those benefits? Check here

According to Cancer Research UK, every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. Through the marvels of modern medicine, many of us will make a full recovery. Could you and your family cope financially in this interim period?

You may have life assurance to cover your mortgage should you die, but do you have enough savings to ensure your family don't have to sell that home and downsize to cover their monthly outgoings? 

Financial challenges can occur through accident, sickness or disability of the main earner. Does your employer provide enough cover for you and your family during convalescence, or are you self-employed and the responsibility for cover is all yours?

The monthly cost for cover can be established now, but the true value will only become apparent if events turn against you.

Find out what life may have in store for you LV=

We offer independent, no obligation advice and whole of market access for these non-investment protection insurance policies.

Policy specific Terms and Conditions may apply. Example products and features follow:

Critical Illness Cover

Benefit & Trigger: a tax free lump sum paid on diagnosis of a specified condition. Proceeds make seeking alternative treatments possible.

Additional cover for Total & Permanent Disability is an option, subject to occupation.

Income Protection

Benefit & Trigger: a tax free monthly income for accident, sickness or disability. No restriction on use of proceeds.

Popular with self-employed workers, a single-life only policy that can help with the expenses of daily living. Sum assured capped around 60-65% of annual income to incentivise a return to work.

Family Income Benefit

Benefit & Trigger: provides a tax free monthly income paid on death (or diagnosis of a terminal condition expected to result in death within 12 months, subject to policy) for the balance of the policy term.

Life Assurance

Benefit & Trigger: a lump sum payment on death (or diagnosis of a terminal condition expected to result in death within 12 months, subject to policy).

Decreasing or Level Term? 

A Decreasing Term Assurance policy aligned to your repayment mortgage will pay off your outstanding balance.

A Level Term Assurance policy will pay a fixed amount which can leave your dependants with a surplus after paying off your outstanding mortgage. Typically used for mortgages on an interest-only repayment basis where the capital outstanding remains constant.


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